RAO PIPES PRIVATE LIMITED Is manufacture Of  quality Precast Concrete Products that are used for water supply schemes, drainage works, culverts and other purposes. Produced by Vertical vibrate casting process & tested on various parameters, all our pipes comply with ISI Codes & specifications. Our range of Concrete Products are available in different constructions such as R.c.c. Pipes,Hdpe Lined R.c.c. Pipes,Jacking pipes,Manholes Covers,Frames,Hume Pipes,Spun pipes,Pe limimg R.C.C. Jacking pipes in India


Salient Features:-

Ø We manufacture a huge range of pipes varying from 100 mm to 2400 mm of diameter.

Ø Different Class of Pipes like NP2, NP3, NP4, P1 & P2.

Ø Our R.C.C. pipes are in accordance to I.S.I codes and specifications.

Ø We provide a wide range of shapes such as plain type , spigot & socket end Type, Tung type , Groove end type ,  collar joint And flush jointed(external & internal).



Ø They are leak proof.

Ø They are easily repairable.

Ø Non-reactive to sewage toxins.



Ø For effluent discharge in sewerage.

Ø For agricultural purposes.

Ø For storm water drainage.

Ø As road culverts and cross drainage.

Ø As water mains for supply.

Ø Used for cistern and pump houses.